Civilians are leaving the militants areas to join the Syrian state

On Saturday, dozens of civilians from villages and towns controlled by armed groups in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo arrived in the areas controlled by the Syrian state.

Local sources said to the “Syrian Documentation Center” that 90 civilians were able to reach the “Al-Tayeh” crossing, northeast of Aleppo, and entered the Syrian state’s control areas after the Syrian army had secured them as they were transported by buses. The competent authorities undertook the process to gather their data and identification documents to regularize their statutes and to provide the facilities necessary for their normal return to their lives.

The sources added that the large facilities provided by the concerned authorities to the returnees, in addition to the restoration of basic services in the areas from which civilians were displaced during the fighting period, contributed significantly to encouraging the return of civilians especially after the Syrian army restored safety and stability within their areas.

The Syrian government has taken a series of measures to facilitate the return of civilians to areas liberated by the Syrian army, especially measures related to regularize the conditions of returnees and creating the necessary documents for those who have lost their papers. A long process with purpose to help citizens to get back their normal lives and conduct their business normally after restoring stability in their areas.

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