SDC sources: Ceasefire in Idleb emerged as a prelude to dissolution of Nusra Front and opening of the two international roads

The Syrian army announced the ceasefire in Idleb after a series of field successes of great advancement including all Hama northern countryside reaching the strategic town of Khan Shikhoun in Idleb southern countryside

Nusra Front and its allies suffered a rapid collapse in the battles in the Syrian north despite the escalating Turkish military support during confrontations with the Syrian army.

An informed source of SDC pointed the Turkish side was sure of the failure of the military confrontation against the Syrian army and its Russian partner advancement which pushed it to resort back to Sochi Agreement signed by both Turkish and Russian Presidents in September 2018.

In the absence of the Turkish commitment throughout the period between signing the agreement and the launch of the military operation by the Syrian army, the outcomes of the operations imposed the return to the agreement as Erdogan stated in his visit to Russia that Turkey “cannot commit to Sochi Agreement without the ceasefire.”

The source revealed the agreement of the Syrian ceasefire by Moscow and Ankara was reached in return for Turkish commitment to all required items of Sochi, including the dissolution of Nusra Front and al-Qaeda affiliated factions and the tranfer of its fighters to the Turkish-backed “National Front of Liberation” and the Rescue Government established by Nusra Front in Idleb and submit its tasks to the opposing coalition “Interim Government” which is positioned in Turkey in addition to withdrawal of gunmen from the demilitarized zone 20 km deep separating their areas from the areas under control of the Syrian army.

According to the source, the new agreement stipulates opening the international roads “Aleppo-Damascus” and “Aleppo-Lattakia”. Both roads are located in Idleb countryside and negotiations are underway of joint Russian Turkish patrols on the roads or deploying observational points from both sides along the roads.

Local SDC sources informed that the refusal of Nusra Front leader Abo Mohammed al-Joulani to Sochi Agreement in the first time led to his loss of the most important strongholds in Hama northern countryside and the control of the Syrian army on more than 49 towns and villages in the countrysides of Hama and Idleb.

The sources pointed out that the initial deadline of the ceasefire covers 8 days to “test the Turkish intentions.” The Syrian army with the Russian support will attack the gunmen in all towns overlooking the international roads in preparation for opening them again. In addition, the Syrian army set liberating entire Idleb an irreversible goal.

Turkey was said to have modified the structure of the “interim government” of the coalition whereas SDC sources said there have been Turkish attempts to submit Idleb administration tasks to the coalition instead of the Rescue Government established by Nusra Front. In addition SDC had informed of Turkish attempts to end Nusra Front file before the end of this year after its failure to internationally propagandize it since it is designated in the terrorist groups list.

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