The Biden administration continues to plunder the Syrian oil.

Last February, the Pentagon announced that the American forces in Syria were no longer responsible for protecting the oil fields.

The Biden administration continues to plunder the Syrian oil.

Last February, the Pentagon announced that the American forces in Syria were no longer responsible for protecting the oil fields.

According to the statements of the spokesman of the US defense department “John Kirby”, the Pentagon employees and contractors with it are no longer their duties to assist a private company seeking to invest oil in Syria, or to help the employees of this company or its agents.

Kirby added that the number of American soldiers in Syria is about 900 soldiers whose main mission is to fight “ISIS”, as he said that providing support to prevent the return of the organization is the mission for which American soldiers are in Syria.

This statement came to announce a change in the policy of the new US administration led by “Joe Biden”, from what things were in the era of “Trump”, but the days following this announcement proved that these allegations are false and that nothing of what the Biden administration promised didn’t materialize.

Sources of the Syrian Documentation Center reported that the American military reinforcements coming from the “Iraqi- Kurdistan” region through the illegal “Al-Walid” corridor towards the Syrian lands continued during the last period to arrive towards the American points in Al-Hasakah and Deir al-Zour, and the operations of stealing and smuggling oil continued as it was during the era of the previous administration, amid sharing the profits of the stolen oil between the American forces, and the “SDF”.

Despite the Biden administration’s attempt to present itself different from the previous “Trump” policies, especially in the American foreign policy, including the Syrian file, the field data confirm the absence of any change in the American practices in Syria, most of which is the theft of oil and gas fields in the Syrian Jazeera.

As this increases the economic pressure on the Syrians and causes continuous crises in the availability of oil derivatives such as diesel and gasoline, especially with the addition of this to the suffocating blockade caused by the US sanctions against Syria, such as the “Caesar Act”.

“Washington” had previously circulated during the previous administration’s era of allegations about its attempt to protect the Syrian oil fields from falling under the authority of “ISIS”, as the former American envoy to Syria “James Jeffrey” considered that this mission makes the American military presence in Syria a legitimate matter, except the consecutive evidence has proven that the American base in the Syrian “Al-Tanf” region constitutes a source of support and a safe zone for ISIS elements who receive instructions, funding and arming from the American side in order to target the Syrian army and civilians in several areas of the country, which proves that the American allegations about protecting oil fields are false.

Washington hasn’t yet come out with any denial or statement that contradicts what Trump had previously announced about the US forces’ right to take a share of Syrian oil, and his talk about the US soldiers now controlling the oil fields in Syria, and they can do whatever they want with it, keeping in mind that “Trump” announced that his country is reaping millions of dollars a month from the proceeds of stolen Syrian oil.

The American forces, accompanied by the SDF, control the most important oil and gas fields in the regions of the Syrian Jazeera, the most of which is the Al-Omar oil field, which is the largest Syrian oil field in area and the most productive of 30000 barrels per day, in addition to the al-Tanak field, which is located in Al-Shaitat desert, east of Deir Al-Zour, in addition to the Rumailan field, which includes 1322 oil wells and 25 gas wells, in addition to the Koniko field, which is the largest gas processing plant in Syria, which was used to generate electricity, while media reports indicate that the “SDF” reaps 10 million dollars a month from oil revenues, while it’s not possible to determine the size of the American gains from the theft of Syrian oil.

It’s noteworthy that Syria is going through a stifling economic crisis as a result of the US and European sanctions, while the US forces are plundering the country’s underground wealth in a public theft that violates all the international laws and covenants.

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