Withdrawal of Turkish Troops from Observation Points in “Khan Shaikhon” Town, Rural Idlib


Turkish troops and armored vehicles stationed at the observation point in the town of Khan Shaikhoun in the countryside of Idlib withdrew towards the Syrian-Turkish border on Thursday morning according to sources for the Syrian Documentation Center.
The sources said that “the withdrawal came after talks began on Wednesday evening at the request of leaders of the armed forces in the city of Khan Shaikon in order to hand over the city to the Syrian army without a fighting and ensure their exit or settling their cases with the Syrian state.
The sources added that “the settlements and negotiations” are what is currently being discussed facing the military progress of the Syrian army which had liberated several areas in the countryside of Hama and Idlib while it is continuing to progress towards the depth of the countryside Idlib.
“There is no clear cut information so far about the terms of the agreement or whether or not it has been accomplished. However, most of the gunmen and faction leaders in Khan Shaikhon are tending towards surrendering and finding a way out of the city without fighting,” the sources said.
The Syrian army took full control of the town and “Strait Citadel in the countryside of Hama after violent clashes with the militants of “Alnusra Front” on Thursday morning which ended with the withdrawal of the latter from the region.
The Syrian army is making rapid progress on the rural areas of Hama and Idlib through the military operation launched a few days ago aiming at liberating the entire area of Hama and Idlib province from the control of Alnusra militants.
These advances are clearly shown by controlling “Tal Hawaash”, “Al-Tuwayneh” and “Kafr Nubouda,” which has an important strategic location as the army is continuing to advance towards the towns of the “Karakat”, “Shariah” and “Bab al-Istiqahah.”

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