With the date of its convening approaching, will Syria return to the League of Arab States

The issue of Syria's vacant seat in the Arab League 10 years ago has returned to the forefront of the Arab political scene

With the date of its convening approaching, will Syria return to the League of Arab States

The issue of Syria’s vacant seat in the Arab League 10 years ago has returned to the forefront of the Arab political scene, especially with Algeria announcing that it will host the summit next month, and it spoke again of the need to invite Syria to attend the League’s meetings.

There have recently been calls from many Arab countries for Damascus to return to the Arab League, especially with the return of diplomatic relations to it with many important Arab countries that not only boycotted Damascus during the years of the war, but were openly against it by supporting the armed organizations that the Syrian army is fighting against.

The visit of the UAE foreign minister “Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan” to Damascus yesterday, is one of the most important indications of the direction of the Gulf countries to end the estrangement with Syria, especially since the visit of “Bin Zayed” comes for the first time in 10 years.

The UAE foreign minister had previously stated during a meeting with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov last month that regional cooperation is necessary to start the path of Syria’s return, and this matter is inevitable, and it also requires effort from the Syrian side in addition to members of the Arab League.

As for the Algerian president “Abdel Majid Tabun”, he was the first to call since he assumed the presidency of the League, for Syria’s return to the Arab League saying that “Syria deserves to return because it’s faithful to the principles of the League as it’s an institution for it, and it is one of the oldest Arab countries”.

As Algeria prepares to host the meetings of the Arab League next month, its foreign minister Ramtane Lamamra stated that Syria is an essential topic in the preparations for the upcoming Arab summit, and sitting on its seat at the league will be an advanced step in the process of reunification and overcoming internal difficulties.

The minister added that it’s no secret to anyone that there are 2 opinions about Syria’s return to the Arab League, as the first sees the return of Damascus as a positive matter, and Algeria supports this opinion, and the second believes that this return will increase division and sharpen differences.

The Secretary general of the Arab league Ahmed Aboul Gheit confirmed in a television interview a few days ago that there are rising Arab calls for Syria to return and take its seat in the League.

Regarding the mechanism of Syria’s return to the Arab League Aboul Gheit indicated that it is represented in the League’s Ministerial Council approval of a draft resolution that will be raised by the delegates and placed in front of the summit for approval, this matter hasn’t happened procedurally, but there is a possibility that a representative of Syria will attend the next summit, if there is consensus among the members of the university.

The issue of Syria’s seat in the Arab league wasn’t absent from the first seminars of heads of diplomatic missions, which were held 2 days ago in Algeria, in addition to discussing the 2 main files that will be presented during the summit, as the Egyptian diplomats raised the issue of suspending Syria’s membership in the league as well.

Former Egyptian assistant foreign minister Hussein Haridi stressed during the symposium that suspending Syria’s membership wasn’t a correct decision and it’s time to correct this mistake, especially since filling Syria’s seat is something that will add greater credibility to the Arab league.

Haridy also made it clear that there is no Arab and regional effort to find a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis in the absence of Damascus, as the positions must be logical and consistent with themselves as a result, there is no possibility of implementing security council resolution 2254 without the participation of Syria.

Haridy stated that the paradox lies in the presence of Syria as a member of the UN, so how can its membership in the Arab League be suspended, as he continued this is a contradiction that must be put to an end by Syria’s return to the Arab summit meetings as soon as possible.

According to the Egyptian diplomat, wide diplomatic moves by a group of Arab countries are taking place through sending envoys or exchanging messages with Arab leaders, in order to reach an Arab consensus on Syria’s return to the Arab League during which, what was agreed upon to vote, and accordingly, the representative of Syria is invited to participate and fill the vacant seat since 2011.

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