The crimes of Al-Nusra didn’t stop against the Syrian civilians.

Al-Nusra appeared in Syria at the beginning of the war as a group of jihadists coming from al-Qaeda

The crimes of Al-Nusra didn’t stop against the Syrian civilians.

Al-Nusra appeared in Syria at the beginning of the war as a group of jihadists coming from al-Qaeda, without concealing this, declaring their intention to participate in the fight against the Syrian army, and carrying funding that tempted many to join them.

Since the beginning of its activity “Al-Nusra” has shown its extremism in its practices against civilians within the areas in which it has spread, although it later announced its disassociation from “Al-Qaeda”, and changed its name in 2016 to “Jabhat Fateh al-Sham” and later to “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham”.

However, this didn’t change anything of the nature of its violations against civilians.

Al-Nusra committed a series of massacres against civilians while it controlled the areas of western Aleppo, close to residential neighborhoods inside the “Nile Street” and others, which over the years caused thousands of unarmed civilian casualties and injuries, before the Syrian army, at the beginning of 2020, was able to liberate these areas and rid the population of the threat of “Al-Nusra” missiles.

Al-Nusra’s crimes didn’t stop at targeting residents outside its areas of control, rather, its militants practiced the same crimes in their areas of control, as arrest and killing campaigns continued against anyone who expressed their objection to their practices.

According to reports, the militants of “Al-Nusra” carried out during the current year between January and October, 14 murders against civilians, including a child and 3 women, in addition to 110 cases of arrest, and enforced disappearance, and 11 cases of assault on civilians and 7 cases of assault on public and private facilities.

The displaced didn’t escape the violations and crimes of “Al-Nusra”, as last August, its militants raided the camps of “Khair al-Sham”, “Al-Hamadi” and “Al-Bashaer” on the outskirts of the town of “Killi” north of Idlib, with the aim of arresting 3 young men and shooting indiscriminately Intense what led to the injury of the wanted brothers and the mother of one of them.

Al-Nusra militants also arrested a number of stall owners in Idlib under the pretext of violating the laws and beat them in front of passersby, as they also carried out death sentences against civilians under the pretext of accusing them of murder, as Al-Nusra establishes itself as a ruling authority that prosecutes residents according to its faith, at a time when the families stated that most of those executed were innocent of the charges against them, and their confessions were extracted under torture.

Al-Nusra prisons are clear examples of the brutality and crimes of its militants, as they witness murders under torture and violations against detainees in Al-Uqab prison, located in Jabal Al-Zawiya south of Idlib, is one of the most dangerous and brutal prisons of Al-Nusra, which it established in 2014 after it seized a number of poultry farms in the area and turned them into a fortified prison, in addition to the central prison west of Idlib, which is also witnessing horrific violations against detainees.

“Al-Nusra” militants worked to confiscate public and private property in their areas of control, as they seized government institutions, schools and others under the pretext of their ownership of the Syrian state, and they stole private homes and lands under the pretext of the absence of their owners from being in their areas of control, and human rights reports indicated that Al-Nusra expelled the Christians from the villages of “Al-Yaqoubia”, “Al-Qunia”, “Al-Ghassaniyah” and “Al-Jadida” in Idlib countryside, whose number exceeded 20000 people, and it seized all their properties in the 4 villages and prevented any sales operations under agencies for others in that area.

As for public property, “Al-Nusra” militants dismantled the infrastructure, including factories, facilities, power and water stations, and sold them as scrap to traders who transported them towards Turkey, and in September 2019, Al-Nusra militants dismantled the “Al-Zalana” water station near “Maarat al-Numan” South of Idlib, and in August 2019, Al-Nusra militants robbed the Basida power plant south of Maarat al-Numan, which are examples of many thefts of stations, public facilities, railways, and others.

Al-Nusra continued its crackdown and arrest campaigns against media activists, civilians, and even students, hundreds of whom are still unaccounted for in Al-Nusra prisons, while his family doesn’t know anything about his fate until today, or the charges against him.

Al-Nusra’s violations against activists and workers in humanitarian and relief organizations, and the theft of aid provided to the people, led to the withdrawal of most of the organizations from the areas controlled by Al-Nusra, including those working in the medical, educational and other fields, which deprived the people of the services and assistance of these organizations.

It’s noteworthy that the crimes and violations of “Al-Nusra” are almost innumerable, and it’s difficult to verify the number of its victims since the beginning of the presence of its militants on Syrian territory until today, apparently stressing that it has never stopped its crimes over those years.

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