A Syrian-Russian meeting to discuss the refugee file.

Today, the Syrian and Russian coordinating bodies renewed their meetings by video technology

A Syrian-Russian meeting to discuss the refugee file.

Today, the Syrian and Russian coordinating bodies renewed their meetings by video technology, from the Conference Palace in Damascus, and the National Defense Command Center in Moscow.

The Syrian Minister of Local Administration and Environment “Hussein Makhlouf” said that the meeting comes within the framework of following up joint efforts to secure appropriate conditions for the return of Syrian refugees to their country, adding that the economic sanctions imposed on Syria impede efforts to return refugees.

Makhlouf stressed that the return of refugees is a priority for the Syrian state, which has spared no effort in providing facilities for their return, especially through amnesty decrees and reconciliations to open the way for those wishing to settle their situation and return to their normal lives, pointing out that the US and Turkish military presence In Syria, it also hinders the return of the displaced.

The Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad stressed Syria’s efforts to recover its displaced children, and its call for them to return and contribute to the reconstruction of their country after it was destroyed by terrorism, indicating the efforts of western countries to prevent and obstruct the return of refugees by all means.

Al-Miqdad talked about the theft of oil and wheat by the American forces from Syria and their attempts to prevent the arrival of oil derivatives and wheat into the Syrian interior, adding that the Turkish government continues to support terrorist organizations and cut off water to civilians in Al-Hasakah, and indicated that Syria will not surrender and will continue to defend its sovereignty.

The Russian Deputy Defense Minister Gennady Zedko said that US and European sanctions on Syria undermine efforts to return refugees, adding that rebuilding the Syrian economy is the main task to build on what has been achieved in the fight against terrorism.

During the meeting, the head of the Syrian-Russian Coordination Center “Mikhail Mizntsev” said that the international community should participate in the process of returning refugees, pointing to the return of more than 3 million displaced Syrians and refugees after the Syrian state secured the appropriate conditions for that, while describing the situation in Rukban camp, which is controlled by the American forces, was embarrassed and disastrous, as its residents suffer from poverty and lack of food.

It’s noteworthy that the Syrian and Russian sides held a meeting in Damascus last July, the 2nd of its kind, to discuss the file of the return of Syrian refugees.

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