Turkish industry to liquidate its militants who refuse to merge with “Al-Nusra”.

The repercussions of the suicide bombings that struck about 10 days ago

Turkish industry to liquidate its militants who refuse to merge with “Al-Nusra”.

The repercussions of the suicide bombings that struck about 10 days ago, the regions of Afrin and Al-Bab, which are under the control of the militants of Ankara, are still continuing within the areas of Turkish influence in general, both in terms of the continued security alertness by the factions, or in terms of the state of fear and turmoil prevailing among civilians.

In light of these repercussions, the Turkish forces continue to accuse the Kurdish forces of all names of carrying out these suicide operations, which left great echoes in the regions of northern Syria in general, but the facts and data indicate that these accusations are false, and confirm the involvement of Turkish intelligence With these bombings as part of a plan aimed at eliminating leaders in some armed factions that Turkey has failed to control completely.

The advisor of the Syrian-Russian Reconciliation Center “Fadi Ismail” revealed during exclusive statements to the “Syrian Documentation Center”, that the Turkish intelligence has been trying for a while to unite its affiliated factions in northern Syria, while achieving consensus between the factions of the National Army and Al-Nusra, which is on the terrorist list.

However, the voices opposing this move have risen dramatically recently from the leaders of many of the factions affiliated with the National Army, in light of the sharp differences that appear frequently between the various factions of Ankara over the sharing of smuggling routes, the steal and royalties imposed by the checkpoints.

Ismail explained that the financing of the armed factions depends in part on the money that these factions earn from smuggling operations and royalties imposed on the people of the areas under their control, at a time when the Turkish intelligence is facing difficulty in controlling, managing and financing some factions to serve Turkish interests first, as a result, the Turkish intelligence is heading to liquidate some leaders of the factions supported by it, as part of its efforts to dismantle these factions or merge them with Al-Nusra, which was evident during the last period when the bombings hit several areas in the northern countryside of Aleppo, targeting leaders and military headquarters belonging to the militants.

The advisor of the Syrian-Russian Reconciliation Center noted that the Turkish intelligence uses the opposition media and its affiliates to depict the recent bombings in “Azaz”, “Afrin” and “Al-Bab”, as being carried out by the Kurdish forces.

However, it’s illogical to believe these allegations, especially that the bombings were carried out using suicide bombers, as part of a method that the Kurdish militants had not previously used in any of their attacks during the war years.

The advisor also pointed out that the Turkish-backed Al-Nusra Front militants, who in turn cooperate with foreign fighters from the “Turkistan Islamic Party”, are the ones who carry out assassinations of the faction’s leaders and militants, especially those who reject the merger of the “National Army” and “Al-Nusra” factions with each other, because This will lead to the loss of the lands that the armed factions seized, and as a result the loss of smuggling revenues and royalties that are imposed on the people.

About 10 days ago, the city of “Afrin” witnessed a suicide bombing in front of the headquarters of the Turkish “Jaish al-Islam” faction, in conjunction with a similar explosion targeting one of the leaders of the prominent Turkish militants in the city of “Al-Bab”, in addition to recording a 3rd explosion on the same day in the city of “Afrin” by a bombed car, as a result of which the 3 bombings resulted in a large number of civilian casualties and injuries, in addition to limited casualties among the militants of the Ankara factions.

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