News of Ceasefire in Idlib and Hama .. Sources Confirm the Arrival of New Weapons and Missiles for the Militants from Turkey


Syria Documentation center reported that a military truce was launched in Hama and Idlib on Saturday morning, after a Turkish request to Russia for mediating to cease hostilities on the fronts.
The sources said that “the Turkish demand is a 48-hour truce, its aim is to withdraw their monitoring points located in Idlib.”

At the same time, special sources of “Syria Documentation Center” confirmed that “the Turkish request is only an argument for mobilizing and assemblifing the armed groups, and providing the necessary support for them,” where the sources witnessed the arrival of large numbers of weapons, rockets and equipment from Turkey to the armed factions since the beginning of Saturday. ”

The sources added that “there are military colomns of the armed factions went from Idlib towards the countryside of Hama on Saturday morning, and this reaffirms the falsity of Turkish allegations regarding the intended truce.”

On Wednesday, May 15, 2019, Turkish forces supplied the Free Army factions with anti-tank missiles including the Red Cornet, Tao and Concourse missiles in the province of Idlib. The armed factions were provided with these missiles throughout the presence of Turkish officers delegation in a so-called visit to the observation points in the province of Idlib.

The Turkish forces privously have transferred by helicopters military reinforcements consisting of a large number of fighters from the countryside of Aleppo to the fighting fronts in Idlib.

The transfer of the gunmen through Turkish aircraft was carried out quickly on the pretext that it was transporting the injured to hospitals. While being monitored by several sources, it was confirmed to “Syria Documentation Center” that Turkish aircraft were seen landing these factions without touching on the ground completely.

Throughout the years of war in Syria, Turkey has always supported the armed groups through funds, training and weapons, in addition to facilitating the entry of militant organizations into Syrian territory, providing health care in turkish hospitals to their wounded, and facilitating the escape of their leaders during the the Syrian Army liberation of the areas they have controlled.

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