General meeting of the armed factions’ leaders in the north of Syria led by “Al_Julani”


The leaders of the armed factions in the north of Syria held an extensive meeting in the presence of “Abu Muhammad al-Julani” leader of “Tahreer Al_Sham” organization (Al_Nasra Front) to coordinate their military action in front of the significant progress achieved by the Syrian army in the countryside of Hama and Idlib.

Special sources for “Syrian Documentation Center” said that beside Al_Julani, the meeting included
-Jaber Ali Pasha, leader of “Ahrar Al_Sham movement”,
-Jameel al-Saleh, leader of “Al_Ezza Army”,
-Abu Issa Al-Sheikh, leader of “Soqour Al_Sham”
Hasan Sufan, leader of “The National Front for Liberation”,
-Anas Ayrout, one of “Al_Nasra front” leaders,
and a number of military and leaders of various factions.

The sources pointed out that the most prominent outcome of the meeting was the formation of a real operations room but this will not be announced for the time being, asserting that “Al_Nasra Front” recently has been working intensively in attempts to bring the factions into their ranks and control the leading of military operations in the region.

This meeting coincided with the re-liberation of Kfar_nbouda town by the Syrian army in the countryside of Hama. The Syrian army had lost control for about 48 hours after its first control over the town, but it regained control after an intensive attack which forced the militants to withdraw from the town.

It is worth mentioned that the Syrian army’s air force had targeted a meeting for senior members of the armed factions at “Taftnaz” airport in rural Idlib several days ago, which resulted in killing 52 armed men including Turkish officers, 34 leaders of “Al_Nasra Front” and “Turkistan Islamic Party”, in addition to injuring 70 other militants.

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