Armed factions are preparing a chemical attack in Hama in the coming hours.

Special sources for the “Syrian Documentation Center” confirmed an attack preparation ongoing from the armed faction to target the Syrian army and safe areas under control of government.

Sources confirmed that the city of « Latamna » in the countryside of Hama will be probably the point of launch since rocket launchers have been prepared by the gunmen and the « White Helmets », theses rockets seems to carry « chlorine gaz » which is highly toxic. The same sources indicated that theses rockets arrived earlier from Turkey and were secretly transferred to the armed groups in the countryside of Hama.

It seems like that two columns of heavy weapons and rocket launchers will move through the crossroad
of “Four Mafarq” passing by « Latamna” and will carry an attack around 3.00 AM morning this Monday.

The sources also reported that the two rockets include 9 heavy machine guns of type M / 23, 4 rocket launchers, 2 Fusdika rifles and 11 pickups with machine gun in addition to a number of tanks.

The sources were not able to determine the exact destination of the attack but guessing that the attack could occur on any axes of the army in the countryside of Hama.

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