Al Nusra Front used toxins against The Syrian Army positions in the countryside of Hama

Intersecting trusted sources confirmed using poisonous gases by Al_Nusra front in its attack on the Syrian army points in the countryside of Hama.

According to a field commander, Al_Nusra front’s attack, which is classified on the terrorism list in the Security Council, targeted the Syrian army positions in the villages of Tal_Malh and Jibin with poisonous gases and armored vehicles, and the clashes are still ongoing until the editing of this news.

It is noteworthy that the “Syrian Documentation Center” had previously warned that the militants are going to transport toxic substances from the countryside of Idlib to the countryside of Hama in preparation for useing them in the battels happening there.

The Turkish_backed armed groups with Al_Nusra front launched a battle called “The Battle of Mu’tasim Bellah Al-Madani”. The attack started on Thursday evening from the axises of Al_Zakat and Al_Arba’een village in the northern countryside of Hama towards the Syrian army points. The militants used in thier attack a large number of Turkish tanks and armored vehicles , along with large numbers of foreign militants mostly from Turkestan.

The attack coincided with the shelling of Mahrdah town with rocket-propelled grenades, but the Syrian army managed to absorb the attack on Friday morning, and regain control over the villages of Kfarhoud and Tal Mhelh, in conjunction with deploying more troops of the Syrian army to strengthen and support its positions generally in the countryside of Hama.

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