In an attempt to control fighting .. a deadline given for the arms dealers to stop their actions within the areas controlled by the Turkish_backed militants


The so-called “General Staff Commission ” within the so-called “National Army” supported by Turkey, gave a deadline, for a month, to the arms dealers in Aleppo countryside to stop sales and trade.

According to the sources of Syrian Documentation Center, “the Commission” declared that “whoever is seized in his shop or having weapons or ammunition intended for trafficking will be arrested, weapons confiscated and submitted to the judiciary.”

The sources pointed out that the “Commission” gave permission for some people to continue their work in the sale of arms, claiming that these traders bring weapons and ammunition for the Turkish backed factions in their military operations, while the “Commission” said that the reason for the decision is “preventing the citizens from having arms indiscriminately, the thing that exists and reflected heavily in the shooting incidents. ”

It is noteworthy that most of the areas controlled by the armed factions loyal to Ankara are living recently in a security chaos, which is reflected in the clashes between the factions, in addition to targeting with improvised explosive devices and booby traps and assassinations, the last one was targeting “Chairman of the Council of Akhtarin” with an explosive device planted in his car.

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