Syrian Documentation Center “documenting the names of victims and the wounded” resulted from the Israeli “aggression on Syrian territory


Special medical sources of the “Syrian Documentation Center” cited the names of the victims and the civilian casualties caused by the “Israeli” aggression, at the dawn of Monday, the areas in the countryside of Damascus and Homs.

According to the sources, the number of victims reached (four) people: “7 month-old baby Abdul Rahman al-Bayat, Rama Arnaout,
Ratb Bakri Pasha,
Ilaf Rateb Pasha.”

The number of the wounded as a result of the aggression reached 27 wounded; most of them from the town of Sahnaya, where they were injured due to the broken glass of the houses which fell as a result of the explosions that occurred during the Syrian air defenses counter hostile missiles.

The sources indicated that the wounded were: “Aya Al-Shuli 15 years old
Bassam Fares Al-Eid 60
Mohammed Shahin Omar 24
Rami Shaheen Omar 48
Hamada Harthush Omar 23
Heba Harthush Omar month
Nour Khaled Omar 24
Abdulrahman Al-Khalid
Hussein Al-Sheikh
Ghaith Kahlous 16 years
Nofal Ali
Emad Khaled 24 years
Mohammed Abdel Karim 15 years
Zina Maarouf Abdel Majid
Ghafran Dakak 13 years –
Yazen Zuaiter 13 years
Fayha Ayoub three years
Ahmed Sheikh
Nargis Mohi Al-Din
Amal Qabbani
Sulaiman Alnajjar
Munir Arnous
Shahad Al-Farari
Huthaifah Abu Farah 13 years
Hussein Ashbani age 50 years.

“The Israeli” warplane attacked the areas of Damascus countryside and Homs through the launch of rockets that crossed the Lebanese airspace, through two waves, the first was dropped by a number of Syrian air defense tools, and the second was all dropped.

The Israeli occupation is engaged in Syrian affairs over the years of the war through targeting Syrian territory. These targets are always linked to the military battles between the Syrian army and the armed groups. The latest attack came at the time when the armed factions have achieved little achievements within Its attempts to counter the advance of the Syrian army towards the countryside of Hama and Idlib.

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