The Syrian army is facing Turkish forces on the ground. Jaafari is attacking Erdogan in the Security Council


On the backdrop of confrontations escalating between the Syrian army and the armed factions backed by Turkey. With the army liberations of many villages and towns in the northern and northwestern Hama countryside. Confrontations that the Syrian forces are engaged in have reached a direct engagements with the Turkish forces deployed in the region.
Special sources for the “Syrian Documentation Center” had previously stated that the elements and mechanisms of Turkey are participating actively on the ground during the battles; in addition to the front victory in the military confrontation with the Syrian army, at the same time when the Turkish controlled points deployed in the escalation reducing area, Providing the conditions, has been bombed during the battles, which led the Turkish side to invoke the protection of observation points to target points of the Syrian army.
Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said after the escalation of tension; the Syrian army is not seeking a military confrontation with Turkey, but that the Turkish forces in the north of Syria “is considered an occupying force entered in an Illegal way “, calling on Ankara to immediately withdraw.
Ankara is working to distribute control points in the villages of Hama, Idlib and Halab under the control of the Jabhat Al-Nusra, aimed to escalate tensions and cause security chaos and the war of hidden assassinations in the areas of supporting and supported factions in Turkey, where fighting continues and the exchange of targets in order to gain greater influence on the ground with the decline of financial resources from countries that support these factions, especially Turkey, noting that the victory expelled all factions from the northern areas and took control of them, while resorting to these factions to control areas of Turkey in Afrin and Al-Bab and Tripoli to protect themselves from the victory and regain the bullying forces of Turkey, while Ankara could not control the order of the areas where its forces are deployed and controlles the actions of the armed factions fighting between them.
On the political side, the confrontation continued with the Turkish authorities. Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, said during his speech to the UN Security Council: “Erdogan’s dream of joining the European Union has dissipated, prompting Erdogan to go to the countries surrounding Turkey to the east and south To revive the illusions of the Ottoman Empire and restore the aspirations of colonialism that was gone and will never return. ”
Jaafari pointed out that: “Erdogan is engaged in a major terrorist scheme aimed at the destruction of Syria and facilitated the passage of thousands of foreign terrorists to them and gave them all kinds of support and followed by a military aggression and occupation of parts of Syria.”
Jaafari stressed at “the rejection of the Turkish military illegal presence in Syrian territory,” pointing out that this presence is a violation of the Charter of the United Nations and that any solution does not include the termination of the presence of illegal foreign in Syrian territory is a non-realistic solution.
The Permanent Representative of Syria in the United Nations, recalling the Turkish violations of the sovereignty of Syrian territory at a time when Ankara attacked Syrian forces and accused of attacking its soldiers, “ignoring that the presence of its troops on Syrian territory came illegally and that the observation points did not comply with their tasks, Syrian Documentation center “that the Turkish points have now turned into centers to supply the armed factions and lead their operations on the ground and provide logistical support for them.

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