Sources of the “Syrian Documentation Center”: Turkey seeks to have a direct control of Idlib and to attach it to the state of Hatay!

Turkey has failed to achieve a military achievement on the ground despite of the military support provided by Alnusra front and its allied factions, which reached the extent of the participation of elements and officers of the Turkish forces in the confrontations against the Syrian army, but the attack by the Syrian army and its control on dozens of villages and towns in Northern countryside of Hama, made the Turkish side rethink obout the way to keep Idlib away from the control of the forces after the inability of the Alnusra and its allies to achieve it.

According to the sources of “Syrian Documentation Center” the Turkish side is currently planning to include the province of Idlib and north-western regions of Syria to the areas of the Turkish military presence called “areas of the shield Euphrates” in the countryside of Aleppo and the north-east of the Olive branch in Afrin and its areas to make Idlib directly under the Turkish military control.

The sources pointed out that the administrative authority in Idlib according to the Turkish plan will be under the jurisdiction of the Turkish province of Hatay bordering the Syrian border, while the government of the Syrian opposition (the interim government) formal authorities in Idlib where Turkey recently imposed on the opposition to put “Abdul Rahman Mustafa” For this government because he is close to the Turkish authorities.

On the other hand, the problem of the armed factions is to classify Alnusra front as an international terrorist organization. The Sochi agreement signed in September 2018 between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that Ankara would commit itself to dismantling Alnusra and all terrorist organizations classified as terrorist That Turkey has not complied with these commitments.

The sources said that the Turkish government had already adopted the change of the name of Alnusra to the “Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham” in order to get rid of the terrorist classification complex of the organization,which controls large areas of Idlib and receives direct financial and military support from Turkey, while this time may merge elements Under new names and alliances with other factions under Turkish administration.

The Turkish greed to control Idlib will not be an easy mission with the Syrian government tightening that it will regain all Syrian territory including Idlib, from the control of the armed factions,in addition to successive Russian statements about the presence of terrorist hotspots in Idlib.

Turkey will face the dilemma of rivalry of armed factions and conflicts over the influence of each other especially with the increasing cases of insecurity in their areas and the proliferation of assassinations and mutual bombings in the wars hidden undeclared.

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