Iran and the UAE signed an agreement to protect the maritime border.

The commander of the Iranian border guards, brigadier general Qassim Redaei and Commander of the UAE Coast Guard brigadier general Ali Mouhammad Musleh Al Ahbabi, signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen relations and protect the maritime border security between the two countries

Redaei said in a press statement that the second day of the meetings between the two sides to coordinate the border led to the signature of a memorandum of understanding to strengthen the border cooperation, adding that periodic meetings between the two countries will be held annually in one of the capitals, except for semi-annual meetings held at the invitation of the parties and if any emergency border decision taken is coordinated through channels of communication and meetings.

The meetings between the two countries contribute to enhance the cooperation and strengthen the borders security and provide facilities for legal crossing to facilitate the movement of workers in the field of sea fishing, noting that the cooperation between Iran and the UAE aims to address a strong sign to anyone who tries to violate the security and tranquility of the two countries according to the both brigadier generals.

The discussion between Iran and the United States come amid tensions in the Gulf region as a result of the escalation of the US-Iranian dispute and US threats to establish an international force to protect shipping in the Gulf water.

This agreement between the two countries came after a rupture since 2013, where no UAE delegation has  discussed the issue of the border with Tehran. However, Abu Dhabi is concerned about the escalation of tensions in the region and its impact on its economic status as a safe center for investments and international trade.

The UAE’s concerns have kept it away from the Saudi track in dealing with the Iranian issue. The UAE has moved towards a consensus with Iran on the border issue in order to calm the situation. Riyadh refuses any attempts to dialogue with Tehran and makes efforts to avoid escalation, while the UAE is trying to play the role of mediator with the Sultanate of Oman in order to calm the growing tensions between Iran on the one hand and the United States – Britain on the other.

Tehran has thwarted US attempts to isolate Iran by encircling it with hostile countries. Tehran has maintained high levels of trade with the Gulf states such as Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar.

The US sanctions on Iran couldn’t succeed to weaken the Islamic Republic as the US administration intended to according to the sources.

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