The Iranian Revolutionary Guard stopped an attempt to smuggle oil into one of the Gulf states

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard's naval forces revealed an attempt to smuggle oil productes by a foreign ship trying to cross the Iranian territorial waters going to one of the Gulf states.

They arrested seven sailors that were on the ship which was carrying 8,000 liters of petrol near the Persian island of Iran, and pulled the ship to the port of Bushaher in southern Iran.

The commander of the second area of the Revolutionary Guard’s naval forces, the Iranian Brigadier Ramadan Zerahi pointed out that the smuggled oil became custody of the National Company for Petroleum Derivatives in the province of Bushehr after handing over in coordination with the competent judicial authorities.

Zerahi insisted on the readiness of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, pointing out that his forces continue to defend Iran’s national interests in the waters of the Persian Gulf, he added that the Revolutionary Guards would continue to monitor and follow up all vessels in the Gulf waters to detect organized smuggling.

Last month, the Iranian naval forces thwarted an oil smuggling attempt through a Panama-flagged tanker which was stopped by the Iranian authorities, while the UAE Coast Guard chief praised Iran’s leadership in combating smuggling.

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