America transferred huge quantities of weapons to the sites of SDF in Manbaj and East Euphrates.

According to the Syrian Documentation Center:

In the past two days, the United States has transferred large quantities of weapons and ammunition to the sites of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” supported by USA, to Manbij area to the east of the Euphrates River which is controlled by SDF.

The weapons were sent from Iraq, transported by large trucks amid heavy guard from US forces, especially during the crossing of the Syrian-Iraqi border.

US support included various types of heavy and medium weapons, as well as anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft, mortars, various missiles and other sophisticated weapons from America.

Immediately after the arrival of support to the SDF areas, they distributed it quickly on all military sites belonging to them, especially towards the militants bases on the outskirts of the city in the “Aien Arabs” border, which is one of the most dangerous and important lines of contact with the Turkish army in the north of Syria.

SDF militants issued a circular banning the families of their armed men and all civilians living within their areas from moving to Syrian control areas in Hassakeh under severe penalties.

It’s a new move from the United States and a new support for the SDF to counter the future Turkish military operation in the areas of East Euphrates and the unprecedent mobilization of their military forces near the Syrian-Turkish border

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