After the arrestation of its military commander, the « al Izza Army » threatened to target Turkish observation points in the countryside of Hama.

Private sources reported to the "Syrian Documentation Center" that the leader the commander of the al Izza Army faction, named Jamil al-Saleh, was arrested while entering Turkish territory.

The sources pointed out that Saleh received an invitation from Turkish officials to come to Turkey to hold an emergency meeting about the ongoing battles in Syria, but that, when he arrived at the Turkish border, he was arrested and taken to an unknown destination.

According to the sources, the arrestation of Saleh caused intense tensions among the other leaders of the al Izza Army who reacted by threatening to attack Turkish observation points located in the countryside of Idlib and Hama if they don’t release their leader.

During the past two days, the sources monitored a large military buildup from the al Izza Army near the Turkish observation posts, creating a high alert on both sides.

It is noteworthy that the military operations have started over again in Hama and Idlib after « Al Nusra » rejected the truce agreement reached during the session of the “Astana 13 » talks.

The Syrian army resumed combat operations and made significant progress in the countryside of Hama, taking under control number of villages, including the towns of Zakat and Al Arbaeen.

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