An African journalist kidnapped by the armed factions pleads with his country to rescue him. The kidnappers ask for a ransom of 1.5 million dollars

A viral videotape on social media networks showed Shiraz Mohammed who comes from South Africa pleading with his country for help to be released from kidnappers in Syria.

Mohammed who looked frightened in the videotape informed that his life is still in danger and he asks his government, friends or anyone for help. He said that the area where he is located is being bombarded and the shelling is getting closer.

A masked gunman also appeared saying he believes his mates are going to kill Mohammed if the negotiations do not prove fruitful and asked the government of South Africa to meet the kidnappers demands.

This videotape is the second where Mohammed has appeared since he was kidnapped on January 10th, 2017 by gunmen in Darkoush in Idleb countryside. The kidnappers had already released a similar videotape last April to prove that the African journalist was still alive.

The group which kept its identity secret kidnapped the African journalist two years ago along with two of his workmates in the relief organization called “Gift of the Givers.” However, the kidnappers released both workmates but kept Mohammed and claimed they would set him free after the completion of the investigations.

Instead, they have not released him since then and asked for a ransom of 1.5 million dollars.

Muhammad, 40 years old, was working as an independent photojournalist within the activities of his organization in the areas controlled by gunmen in Idleb and Aleppo. The organization had already declared its inability to pay the ransom.

Muhammad is one of the many examples of foreign activists and journalists who were kidnapped by gunmen. Many similar incidents have been recorded of activists and journalists who illegally entered the Syrian territory and moved in areas controlled by the gunmen where insecurity prevails. In some cases, Qatar and Turkey interfered to set the kidnapped free and transfered the ransoms to the armed groups.

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