The Syrian army resumes its operations in Idleb countryside and takes control over new sites

On Wednesday the Syrian army resumed its military operations in Idleb countryside north Syria and made rapid progress towards the areas under the control of the gunmen.

According to SDC field sources, last night the Syrian army made advancements in the depth of Idleb within hours and took control over “al-Khwen al-Kabir” and villages of “al-Zarzour” and “Tal Ghobar” as well as “al-Tamane’a” farmlands.

The sources stated that the advancements followed a dense firing operations by the artillery and air forces hitting sites and defenses of gunmen and killing and injuring huge numbers of them. While conducting the firing operations, most fortifications and machine guns were completely destroyed.

It is worth mentioning that the firing operations are still underway and it is expected that the Syrian army will resume advancements and control new villages and towns in Idleb countryside within the next few days.

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