Armed factions fighting in Aleppo countryside kills civilians and cuts electricity from Afrin villages

Fighting continued between armed factions located in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, in a state of huge tension in those areas as a result of fierce clashes in Al-Bab city, during the attempt of the so-called "National Army" to arrest one of the gunmen called "Alaa Hazma", which led to the fall of civilian victims.

The “Syrian Center for Documentation” sources quoated that the “National Army” raided the neighborhood of “Abdullah bin Masoud” mosque in the city of al-Bab with the aim of arresting a member of one of the armed factions, but he showed fierce resistance, and erupt clashes between the gunmen of the National Army and the armed man family that ended without being able to arrest the gunman who escaped to an unknown destination.

The sources said that the clashes that took place between the parties led to the killing of two civilians and wounding another, in addition to the deaths and injuries of gunmen on both sides.
The sources added that an armed group belonging to one of the Turkish-backed armed factions also raided the village of “Khadria” in Afrin countryside, arresting 5 people from their homes under the charge of “dealing with the self-management of the Kurdish units.”

Violent clashes also spread to the village of “Sousian” in Afrin countryside between the so-called “Ahrar Al-Sham” movement and the “15 Brigade” in the village after hours of clashes, which resulted in deaths and injuries between the parties, to control /3/ headquarters of the brigade.

The village, whose residents were deprived of electricity as a result of the clashes, was darkened as “Ahrar Al-Sham” militants deliberately burned a fuel tank feeding the electricity generator in the village.

It is noteworthy that the fighting of armed factions in the countryside of Aleppo, began with the announcement of the “National Army” security campaign targeting “leaders and corrupt and rebel groups and dealers of illegal drugs and narcotics,” according to the alleged, interspersed with violent clashes that continued for hours on Tuesday in the cities of Afrin, Azaz, Marea, Souran and Tripoli , Resulting in the deaths of more than /20/ gunmen from different factions, all of which receive direct support from Turkey.

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