Special source for the “Syrian Documentation Center”: Armed groups were aware of the Israeli strike that targeted the north-eastern countryside of Aleppo.


The repercussions of the Israeli attack on the industrial city of Sheikh Najjar last Wednesday night, as well as a number of sites in the southern countryside of Aleppo. Sources of the Syrian Documentation Center confirmed that the rockets fired by Israeli planes were entirely American, except for the outer shell of the missiles which turned out to be from an Austrian industry.

According to the remaints of the rockets that were fired from the Israeli fighter planes during their attack relying on Turkish airspace, we discovered that the rockets were equipped with smart heads and advanced control strips controlling the fly and targets of the rockets, we can still find pieces on the the target sites.

Special sources for the “Syrian Documentation Center” revealed that the armed groups stationed near a number of axes close to Sheikh Najjar, including the “Castillo” north of Aleppo, they moved unusually within these axes according to sources, the movement of militants were not as usual as well as the attacks on the safe neighborhoods. They were changing positions and retreat to different places. The sources pointed out that these movements came less than an hour before the Israelis began their attacks.

The sources also revealed that the armed groups of alnasra front  stationed in the southern countryside of Aleppo, carried out during the Israeli bombardment, missile attacks to the village “Kdar” in the countryside itself, and linking the  movements of the militants on one hand and targeting “Kdar” on the other hand

The question of the prior knowledge of the armed groups of the Israeli strike on Aleppo has become unquestionable.

A Syrian military source spoke on Wednesday night about the Syrian air defenses’ response to Israeli attacks on Syrian positions in Sheikh Najjar industrial area in the north-eastern Aleppo countryside. The source confirmed that the Syrian defenses managed to shoot down most of the rockets, which limited their damage to the material without causing any  human losses

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