Nusra Front attempts to recruit young men in Idleb to compensate for its losses

Nusra Front attempts to assemble new forces from Idleb youth by luring them into joining it with the purpose of compensating for its huge human losses by the Syrian army in the latest military operation in which Nusra Front lost vast areas of countrysides of Hama and Idleb

The sources said that Hay’et Tahrir al-Sham (Nusra Front in its new name) announced opening the door for affiliation to four new armies Abo Bakr al-Siddik army, Omar Bin al-Khatab army, Othman Bin Affan army and Ali Bin Abi Taleb army.

The sources also pointed out that Nusra Front started its recruitment campaign with several measures taken such as offers by “legislators” and leaders to lure young men with money under the name of “Calls for Jihad.”

Recruitment campaign is done with the active help of the Nusra Front affiliated “Government of Rescue” which holds many events calling to join the fighting and support fortifications.

It is worth noting that Nusra Front had recently suffered successive defeats against the Syrian army in Idleb and Hama countrysides when the Syrian army controlled the entire northern countryside of Hama and parts of Idleb countryside, including strategic towns and villages.

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