Denmark planning to send military forces to Syria, US welcoming the move

Danish Prime Minister Meta Frederiksen has agreed to the US request to send military forces to Syria

Frederiksen said that the Danish forces will send military support to the international coalition forces in Syria, he explained that the Danish military force bound for Syria will include a military frigate, a warship and four fighter aircraft to support the US Navy, in addition to sending a military medical team consisting of 14 doctors, without specifying a clear date for the timing of sending troops.

For its part, the Pentagon welcomed the decision of the Danish government and said in an official statement they issued that Danish partner forces will join the US-led international coalition to support the stability, the security and ensure that ISIS fighters do not reappear according to the Pentagon statement which also indicated that the Danish military force will provide support to the “SDF” areas of northeastern Syria.

The Danish move comes after the US administration announced its intention to form an international military force from several European countries to re-enforce US forces since part of it withdrew from Syria after President Donald Trump’s decision in December last year. The United States demanded several countries such as Denmark, France, Britain and Germany to send military forces to Syria.

While Denmark accepted the US invitation, Washington’s invitation was rejected by the German side. The German government announced last month that it would not send more troops to Syria and that they are satisfied with its current military missions providing military training in Iraq and Jordan without being inside Syria.

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