The United States and Turkey conducted the first joint ground patrol in northeast Syria

On Sunday morning, Turkish and US forces conducted their first joint ground patrol in northeastern Syria

According to local sources for the « Syrian Documentation center », the joint patrol included 6 Turkish armored vehicles which entered the Syrian border and joined the US military convoy. They were accompanied by drones to facilitate the patrol mission and to monitors the area between the two sides, as was agreed the 7 of August about the the establishment of a « safe area » in northeast of Syria.

The source added that the patrol didn’t exceed two hours, Turkish military vehicles then returned to their territory after the patrol within the border areas. The sources pointed out that the patrol zones and paths will extend from the village of “hashisha” which is located at the east of the city to Tal Abyad which is at the border with Turkey.

Kurdish sources said that the conduct of the patrol “came in coordination with the Military Council » of Tall Abyad as officially agreed in the protocol for the « safe area » between the « SDF » and Turkey under mediation os US.

The spokesman for “SDF”, Mustafa Bali, stated « that the “border guards » from Local councils in northeastern Syria and which are trained by US-led coalition forces, will fill the void left by the « SDF » elements after their withdrawal from the border areas. »

Bali added that the border guards will ensure the stability of the “safe area”, while the receipt of local military councils security in the region will be a positive reflection about the « SDF” military actions against the elements of « ISIS ».

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the US, General Joseph Danford, announced yesterday that the US forces in Syria trained about 30 thousand fighters from local forces in the east of the Euphrates, stressing that estimates indicate the need for training from 50 to 60 thousand fighters to control the security.

On Saturday, Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, renewed threats to invade eastern Euphrates militarily and wipe out Kurdish factions within weeks, but Turkish actions on the ground contradict Erdogan’s comments and show Ankara’s commitment to the understandings signed with Washington.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned today in an official statement the joint patrol that the US administration and the Turkish regime to conducted in Syrian territory, saying that this step « is a flagrant violation of international law, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria. »

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