A Russian-Chinese veto torpedoes a UN decision to protect terrorist militants in Idlib

This Thursday night, Russia and China strongly hit the UN Security Council table, declaring their veto against the joint venture proposed by Belgium, Germany and Kuwait, blaspheming the aspirations of those countries and those behind them, such as Turkey and the United States, to protect the gunmen of "al-Nusra Front" and the factions loyal to them in Idlib.

The Russian-Chinese veto blew up the draft of Belgium, Germany and Kuwait, which stipulated the establishment of a ceasefire from Saturday noon in form, but its contentious was to hold Syria and Russia responsible for the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Idlib, ignoring the abuses by Al-Nusra Front and its allies against civilians, and its ongoing violations of all cease-fire regulations and agreements previously concluded.

In a speech to Council members, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, criticized the Belgian draft resolution on the ceasefire and the improvement of the humanitarian situation in Idlib. Idlib and save the terrorists from the final defeat. ”

The draft resolution was endorsed by the 12 members of the Security Council. The draft resolution was supported by the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Kuwait, Ivory Coast, Peru, Poland, the Dominican Republic, South Africa and Indonesia, while Equatorial Guinea abstained.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Bashar Jaafari, after the vote on the draft resolution, expressed Syria’s thanks to the countries that voted against the draft, and other countries that voted to abstain “in order to preserve the principles of international law and the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations, especially the respect of the sovereignty of States and non-interference in its internal affairs.”

Al-Jaafari pointed out that western permanent members of the Security Council have become “behind the so-called (Pen Campaign) in the drafting of a biased resolution on the cessation of hostilities in Idlib with the aim of saving terrorists, while ignoring the war crimes and crimes against humanity that has committed by the so-called international alliance” which is led by the United States and its terrorist organizations and their illegal militias.”

The Permanent Representative of Syria to the United Nations, expressed surprise at the ignoring of what he called the “holders of the pen” in their draft resolution “to indicate that terrorist groups are not exempted from the cessation of hostilities,” noting that the Astana agreement on the establishment of zones of de-escalation

“does not include armed groups that The Security Council designated them as terrorist entities, and the agreement stipulated, inter alia, the obligation of armed groups signatories to the Istana Agreement to work to disengage from terrorist organizations, in particular ISIS, al-Nusra Front and other associated groups, Jaafari said:

“The Astana and Sochi agreements have affirmed the right of the Syrian government and its allies to confront terrorist organizations regardless of their designations.

It is noteworthy that the Russian-Chinese veto was expected from the first moment of the announcement of the draft resolution by Belgium, Germany and Kuwait.

Yesterday, diplomatic sources predicted through the “Syrian Documentation Center” this move by Russia and China, which have always taken positions to support the Syrian state since the war began in 2011.

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