Al-Nusra Front: Pottery is forbidden because it delays the victory

Tahrir Al-Sham (al-Nusra Front) imposed a new decision on the residents living in the areas of its control, especially the people of the city of Armnaz in Idlib countryside, to ban the pottery industry because it delays the victory.

According to the sources for the “Syrian Documentation Center”, the so-called “Rescue Government” of Al-Nusra Front” prevented the pottery making in the city of Armnaz, northwest of Idlib, causing the closure of dozens of shops where thousands of people from the city are known for this profession.

Al-Nusra argued that the pottery industry includes the manufacture of the “Nargiles tobacco burner”, which, according to their description, “delays the victory”, threatening the people “to pursue and arrest and impose a fine on anyone who opens their workshop and reject the decision” which already is on. Sources for the “Syrian Documentation Center” confirmed arrests of owners and closures of pottery shops in Armnaz.”

The arrests caused a major wave of anger and resentment by the people, especially that stopping the pottery industry means cutting off the source of income of more than 20,000 people working in this profession and stop one of the most important industries which make this city famous from.

It is known that the people living within areas under the control of “al-Nusra Front” and other various armed factions are continuing to suffer from bad practices and unfair laws imposed on them with the clear objective of obtaining money. Examples of such practices: Al Nusra imposed on the locals to pay sums of money deducted from their living work, or also the issuance of a decision from armed factions located north of Aleppo, to restrict the supply of electricity to a specific Turkish company.

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