With Caliber winged rockets being the most important of all, the Syrian war developed 300 Russian weapons

Russian Ministry of Defense said its participation in the Syrian war "led to developing its weapons systems more efficiently with the expertise that its army gained through fighting on a ground that has a different climate from its homeland," declaring that the Syrian war contributed to the Russian military system development of 300 weapon models abandoning 12 other models thanks to the military expertise gained in the war."

Russian Ministry of Defense went into details saying, “Based on the outcomes of the Syrian military operation, many weapons and military equipment have been analyzed and we can talk about upgraded 300 models of them in consideration of the gained experience in Syria.”

The Ministry added, ” We stopped the production of 12 models that were already considered promising after they failed to prove their efficiency during the war,” pointing out “during the military operation in Syria, 231 models of the modern upgraded weapons were put to the test and they showed high combat efficiency.”

One of the most prominent weapons whose models were upgraded based on the military experience in the Syrian war is Caliber winged rockets. According to the ministry, developing these rockets is considered the first of its kind for seven years.

According to an SDC military expert, “the guidance of Caliber used to take a limited time long enough to allow the target to avoid it. The winged rocket has been upgraded to reduce the time of guidance so that it speeds up and hits the target before any movements of avoidance.

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