The Russian ambassador to Syria announced a Russian plan to dismantle the Al-Rukban camp in a short period of time

The Russian ambassador in Damascus Alexander Yevimov said on Tuesday that his country has achieved great successes in the file of Al-Rukban camp after several months of following-up, where the population of the Russian camp fell from 50 000 displaced 12 000 in few months following the Russian efforts. Indicating that the Russians are wrking on a plan to permanently dismantle the camp and return its inhabitants to their places of origin within a short period of time.

The Russian ambassador also reiterated his country’s stance calling for the exit of all foreign forces illegally present in Syria, pointing out that the official Russian position calls for the departure of foreign forces, including the US, from Syrian territory as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Yevimov stressed that Moscow’s position is principled in terms of the need to continue the fight against terrorism in Syria, especially in the province of Idlib, in addition to the areas of northeastern Syria controlled by the “SDF” under US support.

The ambassador mentioned the Sochi agreement between Vladimir Putin and Turkey’s president Erdogan in September 2018, saying that it is enough to achieve the main objective in Idlib region according to the Russian vision, indicating that the terms of the agreement clearly includes the emptying of the demilitarized zone of armed factions and heavy disarmament from the lines of the region in addition to opening the international highways Aleppo – Damascus and Aleppo – Lattakia.

The Russian ambassador in Damascus said: “The Russian side repeatedly addressed these items during the talks with Turkish officials, including the recent Ankara summit, which brought together the leaders of the three guarantor countries in the Astana track, and that Turkish government officials promised to fulfill their commitments in Sochi on Idlib file.

Almost a year after the Sochi Agreement, the Turkish side has not yet complied with Ankara’s responsibilities on Idlib file, whether in terms of withdrawing militants from the demilitarized zone, dismantling al-Nusra Front and terrorist organizations, or even on a commitment to significantly reduce the escalation. Turkish government has been stalling for almost a year without taking real measures on the ground, delaying a final agreement on Idlib.

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