A joint statement of the guarantor states was released over the first meeting of the constitutional committee

Foreign ministers of the guarantor states in Astana process released a joint statement expressing their support to hold the first meeting of the Syrian constitutional committee in Geneva.

Foreign ministers of Russia, Turkey, and Iran met on the sidelines of their participation in the 24 round of the General Assembly of the United Nations held in New York and came out with a statement issued by the Russian foreign ministry that confirms “the determination of the three guarantor states to support the constitutional committee by cooperating with the Syrian sides and Special Envoy to Syria.” The ministers welcomed the completion of forming the committee and reiterated their countries stance on the significance of maintaining Syrian integrity, autonomy and the safety of its territories.

The three ministers, Sergei Lavrov, Mevlut Cavusoglu, and Mohammad Javad Zarif considered the constitutional committee a decisive step to start a long-term viable political operation. The statement assured the political solution will be in the hands of the Syrians themselves and that the UN role is helpful according to resolutions of the Syrian National Talk Conference in Sochi and the resolution of the International Security Council 2254 over Syria.

Syrian Foreign Minister, Waleed al-Muallem said the first meeting of the constitutional committee is likely to be held on October 30th as a tentative date. Al-Muallem also confirmed in a press statement yesterday that the committee will be “led and owned by Syria and the Syrian government will not accept any dictations or foreign intervention in the work of the committee.”

Al-Muallem added the timetable of the committee’s work will be open until it finishes its mission, stressing the importance of all components of the committee recognition that Syria is an autonomous sovereign state and liberating its territories from terrorism and foreign existence is a national duty.

The Syrian constitutional committee formation officially came to light last Monday about 20 months after the decision of its formation agreed upon by the Syrian parties and the Syrian National talk conference Sochi 2018 under the auspices of Russia and attendance of the Special International Envoy to Syria then Staffan de Mistura.

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