Within its preparation for the military operation east Euphrates , Turkey merges two major armed factions north Syria

The so-called "interim government" which works by Turkish orders has announced merging two major armed factions in Syria the National Army and the National Front for Liberation under the name of the National Army within a step, considered by military analysts, towards equipment of the military operation Turkey decided to carry out east Euphrates.

SDC sources confirmed that “the decision of merging was by order of Turkish officers and then announced by the interim government. The new faction will work within the so-called the interim government Ministry of Defense which Turkey uses as facade to manage areas under its control in Syria.”

Sources added, “The new merging is considered the biggest among the armed factions. The National Front for Liberation alone includes about 25000 gunmen. Both factions are deployed in scattered areas in the countrysides of Aleppo, Idleb and Lattakia.”

The sources pointed out that the merging plan suggests turning the National Front for Liberation to the corps 4, 5, 6 and 7 to join the first three corps within Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield operations which Turkey carried out in 2016.

The announcement of merging both armed factions coincides with the announcement of the Turkish President, Erdogan giving orders to launch a military operation east Euphrates in Syria to start in the next few days after the failure of the “safe zone” agreement between Turkey and the US. SDF in turn will assemble its military forces in the bordering areas with support from the US forces and the “International Coalition” helicopters to repel any Turkish progress.

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