Turkey takes control over 5 new villages in Ras Al-Ein and its loyal gunmen burn houses after stealing them

Tuesday the Turkish forces and their loyal armed factions took control over five new villages south Ras Al-Ein which they have been trying to enter for about 6 days.

SDC sources informed that the Turkish forces took control over al-Manajeer Town and each of
al-Ahras, al-Amryeh, Tel-Atas and Ku’a Shalah villages while clashes continue to break out
between the Turkish forces and SDF in the vicinity of al-Arbaeen village.

The sources confirmed the participating factions burned the houses after breaking into and stealing
them on purpose. Ras Al-Ein has been witnessing violent clashes for the seventh day as the Turkish
army frequently attempts to enter the town despite SDF resistance having already trapped the town
and its tunnels.

As the Turkish army carries on controlling villages and towns in the vicinity of Ras Al-Ein, the Syrian
army continues advancement and taking control over SDF-controlled areas in the countrysides of
Hasaka, Raqqa and Aleppo. Monday the Syrian army entered several western villages in Minbej
Town in Aleppo countryside while other units of the Syrian army headed to Ain al-Arab and got
ready to enter it.

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