US troops completely withdraw from the countrysides of Aleppo and Raqqa

SDC sources informed of the complete withdrawal of the US troops from the countrysides of Aleppo and Raqqa and headed to Iraq through Hasaka.

SDC sources said US troops and vehicles withdrew from the northeast areas of Aleppo countryside,
with the last being 100 US military vehicles from Ain al-Arab vicinity heading to Iraq. The sources
said the US army also withdrew from Raqqa countryside along with the French forces withdrawal
from Kharab al-Jeer Base in Hasaka northern countryside.

The sources confirmed that the US army alsi withdrew from Serrin Airport west Ain al-Arab in Aleppo
countryside after they destroyed it and burned all documents in the base. However, the US still has
bases in Deir Al-Zour, Hasaka and al-Tanf south Syria.

It is worth noting that the US military columns withdrawal comes at a time when the Syrian army units
enter SDF-controlled areas in the countrysides of Aleppo, Raqqa, and Hasaka after agreements with
SDF on protecting these areas from the Turkish military operation. Ain al-Arab is the last area which
the Syrian entered to arrive at the Turkish borders in Aleppo countryside for the first time within eight years.

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