Russian Defense Ministry: The Syrian army intends to set up 15 observational points along the Syrian Turkish borders

Russian Defense Ministry announced that the Syrian army intends to set up 10 observational points along the Syrian Turkish borders after the agreement between Russia and Turkey over areas north Syria to stop the Turkish military operation.

Russian Defense Ministry pointed out that the observational points will be set up according to
the Russian Turkish agreement on Tuesday and the points will be located outside the areas
of the Turkish army operations.

Syrian army units entered Ain al-Arab in Aleppo countryside 8 years ago after Russian military
police entered to organize the withdrawal of SDF and conduct patrols there.

On the other hand, the US declared it received a letter from SDF commander confirming the
withdrawal of all SDF forces from the areas within the “safe zone” Washington and Ankara already
agreed on.

Implementing the agreement started on Wednesday. A few hours later Turkey released a statement,
saying” There is no need to pursue the military operations after the agreement,” declaring stop of the
military operation that had lasted for about 11 days.

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