Turkish-backed factions deprive al-Hasakah residents of drinking water

Local sources in al-Hasakah told the "Syrian Documentation Center" that water from the city and its countryside continued to be cut off for the seventh day in a row.

The sources pointed out that this was due to the refusal of the armed factions supported by Turkey the entry of specialized maintenance teams to repair the water station in “Olouk” village in the countryside of Ras al-Ain, which had been subjected earlier to a Turkish bombardment at the beginning of the Turkish military operation, which led to stop pumping water, after all negotiations with the factions to let the maintenance workshops in through the Syrian Red Crescent.

The station stopped pumping water, depriving the city of al-Hasakah and its countryside, Tal Tamr and its countryside, the “Houl” district, and the villages of Tunis and Safia and almost 700.000 citizens of clean water.
The locals started using water wells but it’s not safe to drink.

For its part, the General Organization for Water in Al-Hasakah announced that it will pump water stored in the Eastern Dam, starting from tonight to supply water to the city of Al-Hasakah despite the scarcity of stored quantities, while 8 water wells is now in operation but they’re just not enough without restarting the Olouk water plant as soon as possible.

The electrical lines that feed the water station of “Olouk” have been subjected to direct targeting by the Turkish bombing, which led to the stoppage of the plant, but the technical teams were able to repair the damage caused by the shelling and restart the station, before the Turkish-backed factions controlled it after violent clashes with the “SDF”, which damaged the station and stopped pumping, coinciding with the refusal of the faction militants to allow to repair it.

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