Between the US version and its scandalous contradictions…Has ISIS leader really been killed in Idleb?

October 27, 2019 was an ordinary day for all Syrians whose eyes had been focusing on East Euphrates developments until Barisha village in Idleb northern countryside witnessed an important milestone in the Syrian war.

– Khaled Iskef

On October 27, Washington announced ISIS leader, the most dangerous wanted men on the list of international terrorism was killed. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a special operation of the US forces in Barisha.

The US announced al-Baghdadi was trapped in a tunnel and blew himself up as well as his children. The US version went even further to involve dogs in the operation and show a few-second video of the operation with no details at all.

According to the US version, al-Baghdadi body remnants were thrown into the sea after being brought from the location where he blew himself in a way reminiscent of the death of Osama Bin Laden, al-Qaeda leader, who was also killed without a body evidence and was also thrown in the sea.

It is not the first time the US tells such a far-fetched story in the midst of a battle that is thousands of miles away from the US. Trump thanked Russia, Syria, and Turkey and everyone who participated in the operation. However, Russia denied any information of the operation, which indicates Trump is using the Syrian events to his own interests in the elections. The US forces were redeployed after the announcement of withdrawal from Syria and then retreat from the decision. The US forces came back to Serrin base southeast Ayn al-Arab “Kobani” in the past two days to redeploy on a wider spot than before.

Killing al-Baghdadi…. The entire story

Having contacted several sources from the site of al-Baghdadi assassination in Barisha, it turned out the US version of the story is misleading and untrue and the one who was killed was not al-Baghdadi himself.

The sources confirmed the assassinated was Abu Mohammad Salama, who is a leader from Aleppo countryside in Hurras al-Din organization which is loyal to Nusra Front.

According to sources and eyewitnesses from the scene of the operation, after the US forces landing the house where Abu Mohammad was staying was besieged and a commander from the US forces called in Arabic, ” Abu Mohammad Salama, surrender and get out naked.” The accent of the commander was so close to the Saudi Arabian accent.

Salama went out with his family and children and he was killed. The sources informed the US forces handed the children to a shepherd and asked him to leave not to come back before hearing three shellings on the sites.

The US killed everyone inside the house after arresting two of them and then raided the place.

The photo below is of Abu Mohammad Salama before and after the assassination

Information from the sources accord with a videotape broadcasted by websites close to Hay’et Tahrir al-Sham (Nusra Front). The video shows members of Hay’et Tahrir al-Sham investigating an eyewitness who also confirmed the assassinated was Abu Mohammad Salama, not al-Baghdadi. The eyewitness also confirmed the narrative of the shepherd taking the children and the language and accent of the US commander.

Other identical sources said al-Baghdadi had left for Lebanon after shaving his beard and chaging his appearance. Al-Furqan, an affiliated organization of ISIS, declared it intended to release a statement of the truth of al-Baghdadi death.

It is worth noting that al-Baghdadi was one of the most dangerous and wanted in the lists of the international terrorism. The US had already assigned huge amounts of money to anyone who informed of his hideout. Al-Baghdadi was announced to have been killed 6 times in 6 different dates from different sources in a narrative reminiscent of the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, one of the most dangerous and prominent princes of al-Qaeda organization in Iraq.

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