4 victims of explosion of mines and explosive devices planted by the Turkish army in al-Hasakah countryside

Four civilians were killed and two injured on Monday morning in different areas of al-Hasakah countryside as a result of mines and explosive devices planted by the Turkish army in the area.

According to the sources of the “Syrian Documentation Center” that “four civilians were killed by an explosive device in the village of Umm al-Asafir rural Ras al-Ain northwest of the city of Al-Hasakah, which was planted by the Turkish army on the side of a road, before it exploded as they passed near.”

The sources pointed out that “two civilians were also seriously injured in the village of Rihaniya in the western countryside of al-Hasakah, as a result of a mine explosion from the remnants of the Turkish occupation army and armed factions supported by it.

In a related context, an explosive device exploded also in the town of Karama in Raqqa countryside, wounding three members of the “SDF”, where the identity of the militants who planted the device is still unknown.
On Monday, the Turkish army and its armed factions launched a fierce attack on the villages of Ain al-Hawa and Tal al-Ward near Abu Rasin town in the countryside of Ras al-Ain without making any progress.
Such attack goes under a series of Turkish violations of the agreement between them and Russia on the withdrawal of the “SDF” from the border areas and stop the Turkish military operation.

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