The Syrian army expands its deployment points in Hasaka countryside

Syrian army troops resumed expansion of their deployment points in the bordering areas with Turkey west Tal Tamr west Hasaka. Syrian army units were able to enter the villages of al-Dashisha and al-Tawila and deploy their members in the points surrounding both villages in preparation for any potential Turkish offensive.

An SDC field source said that the clashes and battles between SDF and the Turkish troops are still continuing as Turkey did not abide by the ceasefire in any way.

The Source pointed out violent battles are still breaking out in Tal Tamr northern villages. Turkish shelling targets houses of civilians with mortar shells and artillery in al-Qamiyeh and al-Rashidiyeh villages where large numbers of civilians had to leave their homes due to constant battles and violent clashes. On the other hand, Turkey and its loyal factions continue to attack the axis of Dibs village in Ayn Issa north Raqqa in an attempt to take control over M4 Road connecting Hasaka to Aleppo. Violent confrontations take place between Turkish troops and SDF.

Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, threatened to carry on the military operations northeast Syria, claiming the US and Russia have not abided by the agreements with Turkey over east Euphrates. The Turkish minister turned a blind eye to all battles and shelling his country conducts against Syrian towns and villages despite ceasefire within Sochi agreement.

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