Turkish planes target a whole family in Tal Abyad and the Kurdish Self-ruling reveals numbers of casualties and displaced people

Two civilians have lost their lives and 3 other members of the same family were injured following a Turkish shelling on "Qronfel" village west of Tal Abyad area north of Raqqa.

A local source told the Syrian Documentation Center that the Turkish forces used drones loaded with explosive bombs in their attack on the village, where they carried out several strikes on the houses of civilians and continued to fly in the atmosphere of the village, targeting any movement, preventing the arrival of any medical teams to help the injured as a result of siege applied to the village by Turkish planes which also targeted a car for civilians that was trying to get the wounded out.

The source added that some of the residents were able to rescue the three injured and transfer them to hospitals of “Ain al-Arab” in Aleppo countryside. A medical source told the “Syrian Documentation Center” that the injured are “Rokistan Fattouh” 22 years, and “Neroz Fattouh” 25 years, which were transferred to Manbij hospitals, due to their critical condition, they suffered serious injuries, by the time their brother, Muhammad Fattouh, received treatment for minor injuries, while their brother, “Nizam Fattouh”, 20, lost his life because of his wounds.

The Turkish shelling also targeted the village of “Qazali” in the countryside of “Tal Abyad” southwest of a number of mortar shells and artillery, which hit the homes of civilians, but no information about casualties.

On the other hand, the official of the organizations office of the Kurdish self-administration “Abdul Qader Muwahed” said that 478 civilians have lost their lives, and 1070 were injured since the beginning of the Turkish attack, which also caused the displacement of more than 300 thousand people.

And that the Turkish attack deprived more than 86000 students from their right to education as a result of violence that disrupted more than 800 schools. “Muwahed” denied the reports issued by some international organizations which talked about the return of displaced people to their areas after the control of Turkish forces and Turkish-backed factions, stressing that these reports are untrue, and that such return is completely excluded due to serious violations against civilians in the areas controlled by Turkish forces and their allied factions.

“Muwahed” called on international and relief organizations to provide assistance to displaced people in the north-east as a result of the acute shortage of medicines and health and relief services, and the arrival of more numbers of displaced people who are in desperate need of help because of the Turkish military operation.

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