UNICEF is only sorry for the children targeted by Turkey and takes no action to condemn it

UNICEF has released a statement expressing its sorrow for the children who fell victims in Tal Refaat north Aleppo.

UNICEF avoided any reference to the Turkish involvement in shelling the town which claimed the lives of 5 children and two men and wounded more civilians. The statement only expressed shock and sorrow for the incident.

In the statement, UNICEF reminded dispute parties in Syria of their duty to protect children at all times and stressed children are not to be targeted and whoever gets involved in killing them would be held accountable. The statement never indicated the Turkish responsibility for the incident and did not condemn the Turkish crime.

SDC documented names of victims, Abdul Fattak Aleko, 3 years old, Hammoda Mohammad Ali, 11 years old,
Mustafa Mohammed Majeed, 10 years old,
Mohammad Omar Hami, 7 years old, Aref Jaafar Mohammad, 6 years old, Emad Ahmad Kefo, 9 years old, Sameer Abdulrahman Hisso, 12 years old, Mohammad Abdulrahman Hisso, 15 years old, Husein Kaldah Daw, 74 years old, and Ali Mohammed Othman, 54 years old.

A medical source informed SDC of wounded children by the shelling whose names are: Hanif Mohammed Hisso, 9 years old, Mohammed Kefo, 10 years old, Khalil Mohammed, 3 years old, Hasan Omar, 10 years old and Ilias Hassoun 6 years old.

The incident is considered a grave crime against childhood. However, UNICEF, just like most UN organizations did not even condemn it and it turned a blind eye to Turkish violations in Syria.

Turkish violations against civilians of all ages continue in the light of the international silence. Independent Human Rights organizations issue reports condemning such actions every now and then, such as Human Rights Watch.

It is worth noting that Tal Refaat is full of civilians who fled from Afrin when Turkey attacked it last year. Every day Turkey and its loyal factions commit violent acts against civilians, ranging from killing, kidnappings, torture and imposing taxes on the citizens.

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