417 Syrian detainees by the Turkish army since the start of the military operation

Since the start of the Turkish military operation in northern Syria, Turkey and its armed factions have intentionally arrested hundreds of civilians and activists in various fields, who have expressed their refusal to the Turkish presence in the Syrian territories.

The arrests committed by Turkey and the militants loyal to it are not only limited to activists or opponents but also affect the residents of the villages and towns that they controlled with various fabricated pretexts. In reality, the real goal of these arrests is to facilitate the theft and plunder of homes and properties.

Turkey’s arrests also affected many people inside the Turkish territories who raised their voices against the Turkish military operation in Syria. Total number of detainees: 1343 people, 417 of whom were arrested inside Syria since the beginning of the last operation (The Spring of Peace) that targeted the areas of eastern Euphrates until this December.

Among the largest campaigns of arrests that took place in conjunction with raids and theft of homes witnessed by villages that were controlled by armed factions and the Turkish army in the countryside of Al’Hasakah and Raqqa on 17/9/2019, where they lasted for three continuous days, about 300 people were arrested, all of whom were transferred to prisons belonging to the militants in the city of Idlib.

Al-Bab city in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo, which was also affected by a massive campaign of arrests on 9-10-2019 under the pretext of “harassing women in the street”, creating large protests which broke out in the city.

Last month, the Turkish army also arrested 11 people, but these arrests affected leaders of the armed fighters. Turkey claimed them to be “ISIS princes,” and among those arrested was a person said to be “one of the servants of the organization’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.” And 3 women.

In the same month, Ankara stated that it had “arrested al-Baghdadi’s wife, sister, and husband near the city of Azaz in the countryside of Aleppo,” in addition to arresting 25 other people, including 5 children, Turkey claimed them to be “relatives of al-Baghdadi.”

Turkish transgressions and war crimes committed in Syria are not limited to arrests only, but also extend to the direct targets of civilians who refuse Turkey to be in Syria, whether by shooting at demonstrations against it or by running over residents who gather in front of its military mechanisms while conducting patrols for them.

As a result, a severe security vulnerability occurring in the areas controlled by the Turkish army and its factions in all areas of northern Syria under its control, whether in the countryside of Aleppo or the countryside of Al-Hasakah and Raqqa, which is clearly reflected by the large number of attacks with booby-traps hitting those areas.

The refusal of the Turkish presence inside the Syrian territories also represents this vulnerability in addition to the many demonstrations which broke out, creating the emergence of resistance movements against them from unknown individuals who carry out operations targeting the members of the Turkish army, the militants directly or by targeting their vehicles with explosive devices that explode while passing next to them.

Among the largest of those operations that took place against the Turkish army, witnessed last week by targeting a Turkish military convoy with a car bomb in Jarablus city in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo, while the Turkish military base was heading in the village of “Al-Baldaq”, which led to the death of 5 Turkish soldiers and wounding 12 others, while most of the existing military vehicles were destroyed.

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