What is the goal behind Turkey’s plan to transfer the militants of its factions from Syria to Libya?

The "Syrian Documentation Center" recently revealed a Turkish plan to withdraw fighters from the Turkish-backed armed factions in Syria and transfer them to Libya to participate in the conflict there in favor of the "government of reconciliation".

One day after the report was published, the “National Army” faction issued a statement in which it attempted to deny the authenticity of the plan, but the Turkish statements that appeared a few days later contradicted the alleged denial, but did not explicitly acknowledge what forces would be transferred to Libya.

On the beginning of the Turkish plan, the “Syrian Documentation Center” was able, through private sources, to reveal “a meeting that took place in Libya between a number of senior Turkish army officers and officers of the Al-Wifaq government, during which it was agreed that Turkey would send support to Al-Wifaq from its Syrian fighters that it supports, who are spread in northern Syria.”

After the meetings held in Libya, another meeting was held within the Turkish territories, which gathered a number of leaders of armed groups with officers from the Turkish occupation intelligence, to put the axes of the agreement that took place in Libya into effect.

It was not days before these meetings until special centers began opening to register the requests of armed men who want to leave Syria and go to Libya, so that Turkey would entice those armed with large amounts of money and great facilities and support that reached the level of granting Turkish citizenship to all who arrive in Libya to participate in the fighting there.

According to the sources affirmed by the “Syrian Documentation Center“, “Turkey secures the militants to transport them inside its country, and they get 900 Turkish liras upon their arrival there, and then they are transported flying to Libya with promised salary of 2000 dollars a month.”

The sources also reported that 4 centers were opened in the city of Afrin, north of Aleppo, in order to register the names of the militants, in addition to the opening of two other centers later in the village of “Qeebar” and the “neighborhood of Mahmudiyah”, under the supervision of each of the “Al-Hamza Brigade” and “Liwaat al-Mu’tasim” and “Liwa al-Saqour” and “Sultan Brigade”, knowing that all of these factions are affiliated with the “National Army”, the largest armed faction affiliated with Turkey in northern Syria.

One day after the publication of the report, the National Army issued a statement to try to remedy the situation, denying the existence of any centers or intention to exit from Syria to Libya, but a few days were separated between this statement and a Turkish statements that recognized their intention to transfer forces to Libya.

The Turkish recognition came from President Rajab Tayyip Erdogan, who said last Friday that his country “intends to send troops to Libya early next month,” claiming that this matter came “at the request of Tripoli.”
Erdogan did not explicitly clarify what these forces are, saying only: “Given the invitation from Libya at the present time, we will put a draft law to send troops to Libya on the agenda in Parliament.”

Note that the first batch of fighters of armed groups present in Syria had already arrived in Libya, before the Turkish presidential statement, according to the assurances of the sources of the “Syrian Documentation Center“, coinciding with the start of preparing for a second batch scheduled to leave the Syrian territories in the coming period.

In return, Libyan media sources published assurances about the start of the arrival of forces from armed factions to Libya via Turkey, to reveal one of the battalions identification cards for some of the arriving militants fighting for the “government of reconciliation”.

It seems that Turkey with its new plan is trying to withdraw itself in front of the international community from its association with the armed organizations present in Syria, especially the “Al-Nusrah Front” listed on the list of international terrorism, by securing the transfer of some of its fighters to Libya and the abandonment of others.

Political analysts said to the “Syrian Documentation Center” that “the exposed Turkish plan has broad indications and great results, and since the beginning of its disclosure, the Turkish policy failure in dealing with such positions has clearly emerged, since the beginning and after the national army denied the report, the Turkish administration was unable to form a unification of its position with its factions, the Turkish president would appear and acknowledge the matter, claiming that he was thus fulfilling Libya’s request.”

The Turkish president’s claim was nothing but a “failed attempt to justify his country’s position, by uploading the issue of his exploitation of the militants to the Libyan government, but it is no longer a secret of what Turkey has done throughout the years of the Syrian war by forming militias for it to use to interfere in the country’s affairs, not only Syria but rather extended to Libya, when also it is in the unlikely that this will extend to other countries in the future.” According to analysts.

Political analysts also confirm that “the Turkish statement did not explicitly recognize the forces that will be sent to Libya, in order to try to distract international public opinion, but what media reports revealed later made the Turkish position more difficult, after it revealed to the international community its inner intentions, along patch it enters into new countries.”

There is another goal that most analysts also agree on about the reason for Turkey’s desire to withdraw fighters of its factions from Syria, which is “a goal that Turkey refuses to recognize explicitly, and follows the aforementioned method to go along with it, and is based on the desire to withdraw those forces and try to left its hand off Syria, and withdraw from the war in a way that does not appear as a loser, in front of the rapid advances that the Syrian army is making towards Idlib, and the military and political inability to achieve any goal that Turkey seeks inside Syria, and from it the exploitation of these factions to plunge them into the events of Libya at the same time.”

The “Syrian Documentation Center” was one of the first media outlets that published information related to the Turkish plan to move the militants loyal to it from the Syrian north towards Libyan lands, as the center also has since exposed the value of wages and financial inducements provided by Ankara to encourage its militants to join the departures compound to the Libyan lands.

It is noted that a number of social media websites has published a video showing a number of the “Second Legion” militants, affiliated with the so-called “Syrian National Army” supported by Turkey, in one of the Libyan areas to fight the Libyan army.


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