Casualties in Turkish army after a car bomb explosion in Ra’s Al Ain countryside

A car bomb has exploded in the village of "Al-Arba'een" in the countryside of Raas Al Ain northwest of Al-Haskah, targetingTurkish troops and its pro-factions.

Sources told the “Syrian Documentation Center” that the bomb was targeting a groupement of Turkish troops and pro-faction in the village of “Al Arbaeen”, the attack killed and injured many of them.

The sources added that the Turkish forces have moved back the soldiers to Turkish territories to be treated in their hospitals, noting that we have no information about the numbers of soldiers killed or injured while no one has claimed responsibility for the blast.

The explosion is a symbol of the security chaos created by the Turkish troops and the pro-factions responsible of attacks, arrestations, assassinations against military and civilians. Turkish troops failed to settle security conditions in the areas they are controlling despite their new establishments of security points and checkpoints to reduce the bombings, but attacks are still continuing.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense accuses the Kurdish “People’s Protection” units of being behind the bombings, but the protection units do not recognize their responsibility for the operations, while local sources say that the multiplicity of the conflicting parties from the Turkish-backed factions among them to the ISIS undercover cells to the protection units, makes it difficult to know exactly who is responsible for the bombings for sure.

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