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US troops loots not only oil but also Syrian ruins

US troops northeast Syria resume operations of looting Syrian riches of oil, gas and archaeological sites.

SDC sources said experts of different nationalities helped the US troops in their excavation for ruins to be smuggled abroad. A group of foreign experts accompanied US troops to the village of al-Ghera in Jabal Abdulazeez area southwest Hasaka to explore the area for ruins.

Sources said US troops prevented locals from approaching while experts were at the building of the previous police station. Experts started digging. Most excavations took place in Shikh Abdulazeez Mosque and al-Barghouth site which has ruins of the old castle as well as al-Alaja site which has the old church ruins.

Several archaeological sites were dug in search for ruins especially in the areas around the hills, such as Taban, Tenenir, al-Shaddadi and Sukara castle in Hasaka countryside. During the past few years the many archaeological sites in the region witnessed organized lootings by the successive parties controlling the region be it the “Free Army” Nusra Front, ISIS then SDF and lately US troops.

Stealing the Syrian ruins adds up to the US violations as US administration states it publicly that its troops are in Syria with the purpose of controlling and sharing oil fields according to the US President statements. Although Trump did not say the US will seize its share of the ruins, ruins theft blatantly continues northeast Syria.

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