More than 155 billion Syrian pounds is the “Kurdish Self-management” revenue of stolen Syrian oil

The value obtained by the "Kurdish Self-management" from the stolen Syrian oil in the northern and eastern parts of Syria has exceeded 155 billion Syrian pounds in the year of 2019

The “Administration” has admitted gaining these revenues through its annual financial report, which was published by Kurdish media sites, stating that “the exact sum of oil imports amounted exactly 155 billion, 989 million and 653 thousand Syrian pounds.”

Now the value of imports from the Syrian oil, which is controlled by the “SDF”, constitutes more than half of the total imports of the “self-management” during the year of 2019, which amounted in total to about 197 billion Syrian pounds.

The “SDF” had put their hands on the Syrian oil fields thanks to the support of the US forces, which they, too have seized some of the oil and gas fields.

The production of the Syrian oil throughout the war years was smuggled by America through Turkish and Iraqi lands to be sold outside Syria, eventually.
The production of the oil fields controlled by the “SDF” was estimated at about 14,000 barrels
a day.

The Syrian oil was exposed to systematic thefts during the wartime period, not only by America or its “SDF”, but Turkey had preceded all that via “ISIS”, which was topping the list of international terrorism, where the record during the years in which the organization took control of eastern Syria shows wholesale sales of oil that the fields produce daily, were directly transferred in the daylight to Turkey, across the open Turkish borders by then!

This issue obviously, is one of the most challenging cases Syria faced, and still, where armed militants are utilized by certain countries with the aim of putting pressure on the Syrian state, and with the thefts that these countries undertake for Syrian oil, they are also preventing -at the same time- the operations of supplying fuel to Syria through countries supporting it, such as Russia and Iran, among the total economic sanctions that are imposed on it.

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