Aleppo fronts inflamed and the gunmen continue targeting residential areas with missiles

Joint Russian Syrian aircraft continues raiding sites of the gunmen deployment west and south Aleppo, focusing on points where the gunmen launch attacks against the neighborhoods and on their sites within the Aleppo-Damascus international Highway.

An SDC field source pointed out that the Syrian army targeted areas of the gunmen deployment in Rashdeen, al-Bohooth al-Elmieh, Tal Shwehneh, Kafar Hamra, and Leramoun as well as contact lines with the gunmen from Aleppo northern countryside to areas west Aleppo ad its southern countryside with both airstrikes, artillery shells and missiles.

Information indicated that Syrian hits destroyed a column of Nusra Front on the international road and caused huge material and human damage.

Nusra Front and Takfiri factions targeted residential areas in the city again with dozens of explosive missiles on the neighborhoods of Halab Jadeedeh and Zahraa, causing severe wounds to a girl.

Nusra Front latest escalation made several schools in Aleppo city close to the confrontation lines go off in fear of more missiles hitting the areas while students are at school. In the past few days, some children fell victims to the gunmen missiles.

A state of tension prevails the city nowadays due to the military escalation on its western fronts and the fall of more missiles amid an anticipation that the Syrian army would resume its ground advancement to move the gunmen away from the city and get rid of the missiles targetings as well as secure the international road Aleppo-Damascus.

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