Muhammad bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince, is accused of hacking the cell phone of the world’s richest man using a special “Israeli” software

The British newspaper "The Guardian" has revealed information about the involvement of the Saudi Crown Prince "Muhammed bin Salman" in hacking the phone of the American businessman "Jeff Bezos" through an "Israeli" software program.

The newspaper explained that “Bezos’s” phone, the richest man in the world, the owner of “Amazon” and the “Washington Post”, has been subjected to hacking shortly after his contact with “Bin Salman” via “WhatsApp”, noting that “Bin Salman” used the Israeli “Pegasus” program to send a malicious file to Bezos’s phone, through which he managed to electronically penetrate the device and withdraw a large number of data on it without clarifying the nature of that data.

Although Saudi Arabia rushed to deny the accusation against the crown prince, the possibilities of his involvement are escalating, especially since Bezos owns the “Washington Post” which criticizes the Saudi policies strongly, and which included among its cadres the late Saudi journalist “Jamal Khashoggi” who was killed inside the consulate of Saudi Arabia in “Istanbul” and accused “Bin Salman” of being involved in his assassination.

The head of the independent investigation into Khashoggi’s case, “Anis Kalamar” and the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression “David Kay” issued a joint statement in which they talked about the availability of information indicating the possibility of “Bin Salman” involvement in hacking Bezos phone to influence the “Washington Post” regarding its dealings with Saudi news.

The statement stated that the exposure of “Bezos” phone being subject to piracy increases the support of the accusations leveled against “Bin Salman” of involvement in the assassination of “Khashoggi” within the Crown Prince’s campaign against his opponents, stressing that the fact of the criminal analysis of the hacking concluded that it was done with a message from “Bin Salman” can be considered reliable in a way high.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation opened its own investigations into the incident, while Amnesty International undertook to file a lawsuit against the Israeli company, “SNO”, which produced the program, while Democratic Senator “Chris Murphy” asked the director of the National Intelligence and the director of the FBI to open an investigation into Bin Salman and Saudi officials efforts to hack Bezos phone or other Americans.

The case has sparked a widespread controversy in the US as well as internationally, and brought back to the fore the talk about the assassination of “Khashoggi” and how deep “Bin Salman” was personally involved in giving the order to assassinate the man because of his opposing views.

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