Gunmen launch a violent attack on Idlib and attempt to advance for the first time in years in Aleppo

Nusra Front and Takfiri factions renew their military escalation attacking sites of the Syrian army.

An official military source stated Thursday dawn large numbers of gunmen carried out a violent attack on sites of the Syrian army south and southeast Idlib, breaking through some of their points on the axis of al-Tah-Abu Jarif- al-Samkeh using various weapons including car bombs driven by suiciders.

The source added the Syrian army units redeployed in some of the attacked points and worked efficiently to absorb the first wave preventing the gunmen from developing it. Clashes with Nusra Front are still underway along the contact lines.

Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria announced that about 200 gunmen from Turkistan Islamic Party in Syria supported with many armored vehicles and car bombs carried out an attack on sites of the Syrian army in Idlib on Wednesday. The attack was preceded by intensive trainings on firing using balloons, systems of launching missiles as well as professional drones. Some Syrian army members withdrew from some points to the south. The attack claimed the lives of 40 members of the Syrian army and injured 80 others according to the Russian Reconciliation Center.

Speaking of Aleppo fronts, the gunmen still target residential areas with mortar shells and the Syrian army responds with artillery shells and missiles as well as air raids conducted by the joint Syrian Russian warplanes west Aleppo.

Russian Reconciliation Center revealed that the gunmen attempted to advance for the first time since the Syrian army liberated the city in 2016. The center pointed out that 50 gunmen tried to attack sites of the Syrian army from two directions with the support of vehicles loaded with heavy machine guns. The Syrian army was able to foil the attack and kill 7 gunmen at least, and injured 9 others. However, the attack claimed the lives of two members of the army and injured 4 others, according to the Russian center.

Russian Defense Ministry had already warned that Nusra Front and its allies brought four car bombs to Maarat al-Numan south Idlib in preparation for offensive operations after their big losses when the Syrian army advanced in the province southern and southeastern countryside.

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